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jPlayer is a comprehensive media library for jQuery which takes advantage of HTML5 audio / video and Adobe® Flash® media capabilities. jPlayer can be easily customized via CSS and HTML and provides an extensive common API for the implementation of web based media regardless of platform.

Happyworm are responsible for creating the jPlayer site supporting demos and documentation.

In the week that jPlayer was released the website received over 20,000 visits and nearly 50,000 pageviews and was the subject of vigorous debate on the popular discussion site reddit.com. It has also been the subject of various blog posts and featured in the official jQuery blog. (see trackbacks below).

Since release in May 2009 we have fostered a large online community and numerous subsequent releases. To date jPlayer has been downloaded over 250,000 times.

GitHub activity: ... Watchers and ... Forks.


What we did :

  • Plugin concept, research and development
  • Branding
  • jPlayer website design
  • Web marketing and licensing
  • Discussion site, community fostering and support

Technologies used :

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • jQueryUI
  • Flash
  • HTML5 audio and video
  • XHTML 1.0 + CSS

The Challenge

We badly needed a CSS styleable audio player for a site we planned to develop. At the time there didn't seem to be anything about that fitted the bill, so we set about creating our own. Using our combined Flash and JavaScript expertise we were able to create a jQuery plugin that worked consistently across all browsers. In order to create a better library we decided to license jPlayer as open source software under the MIT License and encourage community involvement.

In December 2010 we released jPlayer 2 adding video to our already comprehensive audio support.

We also created a series of demos which we added to the site to showcase and demonstrate jPlayer's capabilities. These demos are available as a standalone download.

Happyworm used their web audio experience to write articles for popular blogs such as article HTML5Doctor and continue to be at the forefront of web audio technology as particpants of the W3C Audio Incubator Group.