Web Media Development

Established in 2001, we began specialising in web-based audio and video when we created jPlayer, the successful open source media library.

Downloaded over a million times, jPlayer is used by Pandora, BBC, WNYC, Al Jazeera and many others. Community building is hard and we're proud to say we've built a community of over 6000 people around jPlayer.

We love the openness of the World Wide Web, the collaboration, the pioneering spirit of a medium that is young and evolving at great pace.

We try to contribute as much as we can and have created and taught courses for the W3C, spoken at conferences around the world and published a number of blog posts about the challenges of pushing media forward on the Internet.

Our focus is on the design, functionality and accessibility of audio and video on the web, talk to us if that's something we can help you with.


jPlayer - JavaScript Media Library

Breaking Out - BBC R&D

Hyperaudio Demos - Mozilla / WNYC

Race Equality Toolkit - Universities Scotland