web media development, consultancy and research

Front Line Web Development

We are a small, modern web agency born in 2001 who are excited by emerging web technologies.

We made jPlayer, the successful open source JavaScript HTML5 media library and love to work on web media solutions.

We are firm believers in good design which we combine with the very latest technologies. The newer the technology, the happier we are.

We are familiar with all aspects of development but are currently happiest when using HTML5, CSS3 and manipulating it all with JavaScript.

We love the openness of the World Wide Web, the collaboration, the pioneering spirit of a media that is young and evolving at great pace.

In any fast-moving environment agility is key and we like to think our small size and modern practices allow us to react, move and create quickly.

Talk to us if you need:

  • Web Based Media Solutions
  • Cutting Edge Web Development (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Beautifully Designed Websites that work
  • Fantastic User Experiences
  • Cross-Browser Solutions
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Data Visualization
  • Interactive Tools for Learning
  • Research and Development
  • Consultancy or Training
  • Or something that may never have been done before ...


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